Vegetable Soup $7.00
Fish Soup $7.00
Chicken Egg & Lemon Soup $7.00
Garlic, Herb $3.90
Pitta Bread $3.90
Natural 1/2 doz $14.90
1 doz $24.90
Kilpatrick 1/2 doz $15.90
1 doz $26.90
Mix Oysters 1/2 doz $15.90
1 doz $26.90
Greek Mezze Plate for two (consists of taramasalata, tzatziki accompanied with warm
pitta bread also with Corinthian Rissoles and Zucchini Rissoles and Haloumi)
Home made Tzatziki (refreshing dip consisting of yoghurt, cucumber and a hint of garlic) $8.60
Home made Taramasalata (refreshing dip consisting of fish roe, olive oil, garlic and
lemon juice)
Stuffed Grape Vine Leaves (rice and aromatic herbs wrapped with grape vine leaves) $9.90
Home Made Cheese Tiropitas $11.00
Home Made Spanakopitas $10.00
Kalamata Black Olives (served in olive oil, vinegar and oregano) $9.00
Anchovies (served in olive oil) $9.00
Fried Eggplant (served with home made garlic sauce) $8.90 / $16.90
greek cheeses
Imported Bulgarian Fetta $10.50
Kefalotyri Saganaki Cheese $14.00
Grilled Haloumi Cheese $13.90
Greek Salad w/ imported fetta cheese $13.50 / $17.90


Grilled Chicken (breast chicken with olive oil served with chips and garden salad) $22.00
Grilled Chicken w/ cream mushroom sauce $25.50
Chicken Santorini (grilled chicken breast strips with a creamy tomato sauce on a bed
of mashed desiree potatoes served with steamed vegetables)
Fried Calamari (fresh calamari dusted with flour and fried) Small $15.90
Large $23.90
Fried Tasmanian Scallops (lightly floured and fried) Small $16.60
Large $24.00
Prawn Cutlets (freshly bread crumbed and fried) Small $17.00
Large $26.00
Grilled Octopus (marinated in olive oil and fresh chilli and aromatic herbs) Small $17.90
Large $26.90
Prawn Saganaki (prawns cooked with fresh tomatoes, olive oil and crumbed fetta
cheese served on a bed of rice)
Small $18.60
Large $29.00
Grilled Flounder (served with chips and garden salad) $25.90
Grilled Beeftekia (beef mince seasoned with herbs grilled served with garden salad
and chips)
Lamb Souvlaki (tender lamb pieces hand cut in cubes marinated with olive oil, wine
and oregano served with garden salad and chips or steamed vegetables)
traditional greek dishes
Cabbage Rolls (mince meat and rice wrapped with Cabbage Leaves on a
bed of rice topped with an egg & lemmon sauce)
Moussaka (layers of potato, sliced eggplant and minced meat topped with a creamy
bechamel sauce)
Papoutsakia (stuffed zucchini with mince meat individually topped with a creamy
bechamel sauce)
Yemista (comprises of cabbage roll, papoutsakia and stuffed capsicums) $19.90
Stuffed Capsicums (whole capsicums filled with minced meat, rice and herbs) $19.90
Stuffed Tomatoes (whole tomatoes filled with minced mear, rice and herbs) $19.90
Vegetarian Moussaka (layers of zuchinni, silverbeet, lentiels, eggplant and potato
topped with bechamel sauce)
Beef Stifado (succulent beef pieces marinated in wine cooked with fresh tomato and
baby onions served on a bed of rice with aromatic herbs. Served with your choice of vegetables
or potato or spaghetti)
Greek Lamb Casserole (tender lamb cooked slowly in the casserole w/fresh tomatoes,
white wine and finished with aromatic herbs, Served with your choice of vegetables
or potato or spaghetti)
Diethnes Special (consists of Greek Lamb Casserole with mixed Greek style cooked
vegetables and two of chef’s special selection which would include papoutsakia,
stuffed tomato, stuffed capsicum or cabbage roll)
Roast Lamb (tender baked lamb with lemon and oregano jus with your selection of
vegetables or potato or spaghetti)
Other Suggestions
Grilled Sirloin Steak (served with chips and garden salad or vegetables) $26.00

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