GRILLED BEEFTEKIA                                                          23.90

Grilled beef mince seasoned with herbs,

served with garden salad and handcut chips


CABBAGE ROLLS                                                                22.90

Mince meat and rice wrapped with cabbage leaves

served on a bed of rice topped with avgolemono sauce


YEMISTA                                                                               22.90

Cabbage roll, papoutsakia and stuffed capsicums, tomato


STUFFED TOMATO OR CAPSICUMS                                   22.90

Filled with mince meat, rice and herbs


TRADITIONAL MOUSSAKA                                                   22.90

Layers of potato, sliced eggplant and minced meat

topped with a creamy béchamel sauce


VEGETARIAN MOUSSAKA (V)                                              22.90
Layers of zucchini, silverbeet, lentils, eggplant and

potato topped with a creamy béchamel sauce


PAPOUTSAKIA                                                                      22.90

Zucchini filled with mince meat individually

topped with a creamy béchamel sauce


BEEF STIFADO (G)                                                                              25.00

Succulent beef pieces marinated in wine cooked

with fresh tomato and baby onions


GREEK LAMB CASSEROLE                                                   27.90

Tender lamb casserole with fresh tomato, white wine and

finished with aromatic herbs, served with

vegetables or potato or spaghetti


DIETHNES SPECIAL                                                              28.90

Greek Lamb Casserole with briam vegetables

and two choices of: Cabbage roll, Stuffed capsicum or Papoutsakia


GRILLED LAMB SOUVLAKI (G)                                             29.90
Tender lamb pieces hand cut in cubes marinated in olive oil,

oregano served with garden salad and handcut chips


ROAST LAMB (G)                                                                   31.50
Tender baked lamb shoulder with lemon and oregano jus

served with potato or vegetables or spaghetti